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11. marts 2014

A Poets Thoughts #2

Hello fellow poets and readers of this blog!

As i have entered a very busy period of my life school-wise i will have to take a break from writing and posting poetry for a while, until everything settles down.

The break will probably last until June/July, as this is where i graduate, and will begin a year away from school, and exploring life as it is, finding myself, write more and stuff like that.

I apologize for my sudden break from this blog, but with all the homework and projects i have going at the moment, I just cannot get my head around posting at the moment.

I will see you in the summer, where i will return with more poems, and start up this blog anew. Thanks a lot for your feedback and kind comments on my work, i will not leave this blog, only have a break.

Thanks for your understanding!
Yours sincerely

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