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7. marts 2014

Poem #10 - "A turn of events"


Changed the question to be question of the week, a new question every Sunday, which is on my three poems of the week!

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I found this poem in my drawer a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like (based on my hand writing, damn it was terrible back then!) that it is about a couple of years old. 
Today is my 10th poem posted on this blog! So hurray for me or something like that! I plan on posting A LOT more in the future, so keep on reading, commenting and being the awesome people you guys are! You really keep up my writing, and inspire me to continue unfolding my inner poet!

"A turn of events"

The time we laughed has discontinued.
I wont forget, when it all fell to pieces.
The river raged on for years, but the
waterfall of  kept it from running away
deep into the forest.
Cold and lonely the cliff stands alone
forgotten, hidden, buried.

The naked rock is hidden by layers of
hate and despair
School and education stands in our way
for our spiritual shamanistic dance.
We must feed the machine
keep it running on the tracks of the
deep, blue, cold and unforgiving ocean.

The time laughed has discontinued
I wont forget.

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