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20. februar 2014

A Poet's Thoughts #1

A poet's thoughts.

Hello world.

As you can see I've published a few poems on this blog so far to get the blog going, and i can see a positive development going on, so i would like to introduce myself.

I'm an 18 year old male from the little country of Denmark, and i am currently studying to someday get a master in IT. In my spare time i write music/poems, and i enjoy the company of friends and my girlfriend. 

Just a few of the poems i have
written, just waiting to come
I started writing poems when i was 14-15 years old, being inspired by the movie directed by Oliver Stone "The Doors" which was about the great band by the same name. This movie got me into their music, and later on into Jim Morrison as a person. I began reading about him, and then i became interested in his poetry he wrote back then. I began writing my own simple poems and songs, and then it really took off, i began reading into great danish poets and philosophers including people like Søren Kierkegaard and people like him.

I haven't really shown my poems to anyone before, I've always kept them to myself as they are very personal to me, but the other day when i stumbled upon an old drawer of mine and found what became Poem #1 on this site, it occurred to me that i would share this with the world, even if it meant that only a few persons would read it i would be thrilled that i had shared my deepest and closest thoughts.

I plan to put a new poem online every two days or so, it depends on my schedule and if i can make it in time, but expect a poem in that window of time, i will do my best to keep the deadline as good as i can.

So please, feedback is appreciated when you have decided to read through my poems, even if its negative feedback i appreciate it, i would love to hear YOUR thoughts on my writings!

See you in my next poem.
Sincerely yours

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