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28. februar 2014

Poem #7 - "Little snowball (hate)"


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This was a piece written a month or so ago, which I brought into an online workshop to work it through. After I had improved it, I got banned from the site for no reason at all, goodbye stupid poetry site! After that I changed it back to the original form, as they changed the original meaning, from making it be about a feeling of hating getting bigger, to a little sweet poem of life. So here is the original poem, about hate, and not about life as a whole, enjoy!

"Little snowball (hate)"

Little snowball.

I mourn throughout the journey,
look back
and fall into a pit of dispair

Medium snowball.

Voices get louder, angrier.
I fail being an actor,
-tripping over words as I speak

Bigger snowball.

Rolling down a hill I grow.
I grow bigger with my surroundings,
negative energy is what I feed on.

Biggest snowball.

It's approaching town fast.
Children hiding and adults scream.
No one can help you when it hits.

such a cool relief to my burning sore.

11 kommentarer:

  1. I never thought of a snowball as a metaphor for death. Very original.

  2. ugh...its a slippery slope...and once the momentum starts its hard to stop before it hits the bottom of the hill...i like what you did with font size too showing the progression...its cool

    1. Indeed, hate is an awfully difficult thing to deal with, and thanks! I tried to play around with the visuals this time.

  3. I know exactly how this feels when your emotions start to spiral out of control it is a very difficult place to be

    1. It really is, and sometimes the only way out is killing off your emotions, becoming dead inside for some time, so you can rise again, emotionally neutral and ready for positive energy, or at least that is how I deal with it many times...

  4. You're welcome! And thank you too for stopping by as well! :)

  5. Life when treated unfairly will certainly bring bad consequences. The tragedy of it is when it snowballs bigger and bigger through time! Nicely MZ


    1. Thank you! And it really is a tragedy, it is really hard to shake of all that bad stuff when it has gotten the hold of you.

  6. boo on that website/workshop. the poem is lovely as it is, really makes you ponder life and how the negativity can snowball!

    stacy lynn mar

    1. Thank you, i really appreciate you saying that! That website really made me feel down for completely remodeling my poem that i thought was good as it was!