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15. februar 2014

Poem #1 - "The chants of a poet."


As this is my first post on this entire blog i will start a tradition where i will ask a question  before each poem has been posted. So my first question to you my readers is:

Do you write poetry yourself? If yes, who are you inspired by?

As you can see, i do write poetry myself, and i am greatly inspired my James Douglas Morrison (mostly known as Jim Morrison from the famous band from the 1960's "The Doors") I own several of his poem collections, and i have read through them numerous of times.

This poem was written approx. around fall 2012, and which is one i have just found hidden in my drawer. This was the poem which inspired me to start this blog , so enjoy, share and leave a comment with your honest opinion. I was about 16 years old when i wrote this, and after what i recall, it was in response to my own reaction to a couple of other poems i had written at the time, how and why, i cannot remember. But now onto my poem, read and enjoy!

"The chants of a poet."
Little ray of sun
Oh how you see fun
Did you experience the laughter
Of madmen beginning the slaughter?

Yell out to the masses, hitch!
That the old woman, she's a witch.
Burn her, it's her destiny
Kill the last bit of insanity.

Little poem, you seem deep
But when will you become steep?
You never learn me anything new
You just let me learn you.

Little lamb, did you taste well?
Little mom, how did you yell
To your poor creation of sin
That you failed to throw in a bin?

Rhymes make hasty decisions
Rhymes make you fall in love
Rhymes takes place in imaginations
Rhymes fly away, fly my dove.

i don't know
what to write
but i feel

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