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19. februar 2014

Poem #3 - "Sometimes"


The startup of this blog is a bit slow, but what can you say, it's only the third post i make, so i'll just keep the former question as the main one untill it takes off!

Do you write poetry yourself? If yes, who are you inspired by?

This poem/song was written when i was in a band where i played the leadguitarist. I was the only one writing songs for the band, and i wrote songs almost daily, but this one went unfinished, and became a kind of poem. Enjoy!


Sometimes i just don't feel like living, this thing
Sometimes i just feel like killing, these things
Sometimes i really don't feel love anymore
Sometimes i feel that this is 
A bore
A sore
A lore
No more.

Come with me on a trip of realization
Come with me to the nearest civilization

Sometimes i just feel like starting a riot
A riot that will start burning the liars
The liars that destroyed a being of me
Will someone please help me
Through insanity
Of me
Be me
Of me


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