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21. februar 2014

Poem #4 - "Loss"


Do you write poetry yourself? If yes, who are you inspired by?

This was written recently, not many weeks ago when i got into poetry again after a small break.


Fly on the wall
You saw who did this

Speak up!
Do not feed me with your
Spoon of hate
Plastic-like words is being
Forced through my ears
The sound of an innocent minds death
A mother is crying over her child's loss

Don't fly away
I'm not done with you
Let me torture you
For your evil doings
You've come of age at a strange time

Green blood fills the perimeter
Pigs squealing and children crying
A horse has gone mad
A girl is mad.

The scent of evil annoys me
I've given up on honesty

2 kommentarer:

  1. some strong emotions in this one...i would not want something to happen to my children, it is my greatest fear...and having worked with disadvantaged youth most of my life i see so many that lose their way for some reason or another...the giving up on honesty in the end is very strong to me...

    1. Looks like you got what i meant with this one, i really tried to vent out my anger i had about some events that occurred to me, so it's a bit on the emotional side :)